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Hacienda San Miguel Yucatán

Hacienda San Miguel

A space suspended in time since 1570

Hacienda San Miguel Founded in the 16th century

The historic Hacienda San Miguel, with its elegant town restored to its former splendor which dates back to the last century, is among other things part of the historical passages of Yucatán.

The hacienda witnessed the insurrection of Valladolid in 1910, when, after the communications between the Sultana de Oriente and the state capital were suspended, the telephone at the ranch was used to establish contact between Valladolid and Meridans.

It is also mentioned in one of his memoirs by Mr. José Inés Novelo, who talks about the San Miguel farm on his way through the Camino Real to Mérida, when he left Valladolid to go to study.

Hacienda San Miguel

A telephone message that the Butler of the Hacienda “San Miguel”, located between Uayma and Valladolid, owned by Dr. Don Adolfo Patron Martinez, and addressed to him, said “that the Indians had invaded Valladolid”, then the memory of the barbaric scenes developed there in bygone times recurring to many memories”.

Fragment from the book
"The First Spark of the Mexican Revolution"
by Carlos R. Mendéndez

The Hacienda was henequen until 50 years ago and later in 1979 it was turned into a cattle ranch and beekeeping.

The estate has a chapel dedicated to San Miguel, which is reached by a path surrounded by vegetation with a roundabout in the center, where, according to what is said, many years ago the employees who attended mass met on Sundays. Inside the temple there are several sacred images, including an old one of San Miguel Arcángel. The current owner rescued her from a warehouse where ranch employees had kept her to protect her.

These people lived in the confines of the Hacienda, where there are still vestiges of the albarradas and the constructions that were their houses.

Hacienda San Miguel

The Hacienda has 160 hectares, of which only 14 have been used for the construction of the beautiful town and its surrounding buildings.

But that’s not all, the history of Hacienda San Miguel continues to be written every day, with the arrival of our most important guests…

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